Erectile dysfunction — how to avoid problems

Simple tips to stay powerful
Thanks to all the medical research over the last twenty years, there’s now very clear evidence that erectile dysfunction in younger men is a first symptom of what may turn into heart disease. The reason is the cause of erectile dysfunction. When the arterial walls into the penis fail to dilate properly, there’s no erection. If you have a problem with the penile artery today, you may have the same problem with all your blood vessels tomorrow. Fortunately, there’s effective preventative treatment to keep you healthy. Your primary care physician will be able to advise. More generally, all the tips given here have a common theme. What’s good for your heart is also good for your erections.

The latest research evidence shows that men who eat what’s commonly called a Mediterranean diet, have a better sexual function. This means eating fruit and vegetables, plenty of whole grain foods, nuts and fish. If your current diet is high in cholesterol, being mainly processed foods, full of fats, sugar and salt, this is going to attack the walls of your arteries and cause problems.

Lose weight
There’s a direct link between your body mass index and health problems, the most common being type 2 diabetes. Untreated, this causes damage to the nerve endings. As this progresses, the failure to produce erections can become permanent.

Monitor your blood pressure
If you have a high cholesterol level in your blood, this slowly blocks the blood vessels and forces your pressure to rise. This is one of the first signs of danger as your body weight rises. But although there are some excellent drugs to control blood pressure, they can make it more difficult for you to form erections. It’s always better to lose wight and change your diet than rely on pills.

Cut down on the alcohol and quit smoking
There are a surprisingly high number of calories in beer and other alcoholic drinks. Reducing the amount you drink should be part of your diet, and it reduces the risk of liver disease which is a cause of erectile dysfunction. Smoking directly contributes to arterial damage. If you still smoke, you should quit today.

Don’t sit around
There’s clear evidence a couch potato lifestyle is a cause of erectile dysfunction. The more active and fit you are, the better the sex life you will enjoy. That said, there are two issues to consider. Riding a bicycle regularly for exercise can cause damage if you do not wear some protection and stand up when you are pedaling more energetically. Adjust the seat to reduce pressure on the groin. Second, do not believe the claims made for Kegel exercises. They can be good therapy if you have problems of incontinence, but there’s no evidence they have any benefit in treating erectile dysfunction.

Be very careful what drugs you take
Many of the standard drugs cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. Some, like steroids, do so quite quickly. Always talk through the decision to take any drug with your primary care physician. One issue which is still uncertain is whether you benefit from taking additional testosterone as you age. Do not be influenced by advertising claims. Get proper advice.

Avoid any potentially violent sexual activities
Gentle sex when you are hard and she is well lubricated is best. The more you move as a pair, the greater the risk your penis or testicles will be twisted or crushed. Injuries to your genitals can take quite a long time to heal.